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Issue II: Digital Activism Online & Beyond

Issue II: Digital Activism Online & Beyond

Digital Activism Online & Beyond provides a broad overview of digital activism: its virtues and discontents. In “Digital Activism Rising: What’s Been Done & What Needs Doing,” Tanja Grubnic and Camilla Holm’s focus piece touches on the rise of movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #1492BlackLane to explore how social media influences activist movements on local and global scales. They also approach the relationship between digital activism and popular culture through the example of Rupi Kaur and her menstruation-themed photography series. Also featured is Yasamin Rezaei’s critical review of Elham Naeej’s public lecture, “#MeToo and the Valuing of (Gendered) Violence in Iran,” which examines how the #MeToo movement has impacted Iranian society. Moreover, Rezaei considers how different platform cultures contribute to the transformation of #MeToo as it progresses throughout society on various media. For this issue, Instasociety also asked media scholar Natalie Krikowa for her top book and article recommendations. As an introductory volume, this issue highlights the magnitude of possibilities for better understanding and supporting digital activism.

Digital Activism Rising: What's Been Done & What

Needs Doing

#MeToo in Iran: Lessons & Questions Across Platforms
Recommendations from an Expert