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Issue I: The Digital Turn

Issue I: The Digital Turn

The Digital Turn, the inaugural issue of Instasociety, provides a brief introduction to the study of digital culture and media phenomena. In “New Traditions,” Tanja Grubnic’s focus piece provides a compelling justification for the reasons why digital culture needs more attention in humanities based research, arguing that digital platforms are not just modes of dissemination, but have in fact come to shape contemporary art forms. Also featured is an in-depth review by Camilla Holm on Mike Chasar’s book, Poetry Unbound, which documents how media technologies have shaped, and re-shaped, not just the reading and reception of poetry, but poetry itself. Both contributors have also provided a list of further introductory reading on the many different streams of digital cultural studies. These varied pieces explore the rise of digital culture, how culture has, in turn, transformed, and where culture may be headed next.
New Traditions: Why We Need Social Media Research in the Humanities
Review: Mike Chasar's Poetry Unbound
Reading Recommendations